Amanda’s reflection


This assignment helped me see how protected I am by the first amendment. The Cox ruling means a great deal to me because I want to become a journalist one day and one of the first steps is to become a blogger. If I write my opinion on anything then I know my writes are protected even though I am not considered a journalist just yet. I believe that the different parts of libel are important because they filter out a lot of the innocent people. Just because they write their opinion rather than printing it on newspapers it does not mean it is any less protected. I agree that this ruling helps set the platform for future generations especially since we are moving towards the digital era.  Major corporations cannot single out one person just because they say some negative opinions about the company especially if its a company that affects a great amount of people.  I aspire to become an informative journalist so this helps bolster my confidence that what I report for the people will be protected.


Eucharia’s Reflection


The lesson about libel itself really uncovered an issue I wasn’t aware of before by itself but by doing research it increased that knowledge further.The issue of libel is something that most of the world is ignorant to. By looking at several articles about topic it expanded my perception because each one told the exact same story in a different way,some lacked particular detailed and had better detailing and descriptions.When the Supreme Court decided to give bloggers the same rights as the news media it was only fair and appealed to their First Amendment rights anyhow to write what they want without the government attempting to censor it.This issue can affect my own personal life if I was in a situation where my name was put into an article in maybe a college newspaper slandering my character and if I wasn’t aware of the 3 prongs of libel I wouldn’t know that I could sue because of this.I think that this should be something taught in schools because its very important information.This project was very beneficial by showing me the ends and outs of journalism and giving me a chance to show what I’ve learned.

Jessica (Personal Reflection)


Studying these articles and getting different sources online from the same article of all I posted was very helpful because from each site I was able to obtain more knowledge and collect more detailed information on the cause(s) main topic of the story. I found it help me understand more of what expression clause is, the issue(s) and how the law has evolved and continues to evolve. I personally agree with the Supreme Court on the decision it’s made to entitle bloggers to the same protection rights as regular news media. I believe that opinionated matters shouldn’t affect people just like expressed in articles unless it is in a foul manner with malicious intents, I think that the protection rights are fair because there shouldn’t be any type of restriction of expression for anybody. I also found the subject in each article helpful for future awareness to be able to obtain information like this that doesn’t seem like it could be a big deal but it really can involve into one.

April’s Personal Reflection



My idea on the articles is that the main point deformation is a serious subject that one as a writer may not be aware of. As of January 17th, 2014 federal courts ruled that bloggers deserve the same rights and protection as journalists. Writers, bloggers and journalist are protected under the first amendment right of freedom of speech that says that people have the right to speak freely without government interference, as well as the freedom of press: that gives the press the right to publish news, information and opinions without government interference. This also means people have the right to publish their own newspapers, newsletters, magazines, etc. But there are regulations and restrictions that many may not be aware of that can effect us. You can be sued under libel and deformation if you publish anything that proves malicious intent, actual malice, or the knowingly publishing anything that is false in reckless regard, and the stakes are high in the court of law.

I personally think that these guidelines are fair because there should be some type of restrictions of expression or words although first amendment rights are in place, if someone is being malicious or threatening the lively hood or  reputation of an individual or establishment or group of people  there should be regulations to protect the possible destructions that these falsehoods or allegations can cause to others and society.