1. What restrictions would a writer need to be aware of when publishing to avoid a potential lawsuit?

2. Under what amendment are a writers free speech protected? What does it state?

3. How can a writer be sued for defamation? what needs to be proven in the court of law?

4. In the Cox article, why was Crystal Cox protected when she went into trial, that she was found guilty of in her first trial?

5. What are the elements of libel?

6. What are the new limitations to first amendment rights when it comes to publishing & writing?

7. As of when was the new ruling that all writers, ( non-journalist, nontraditional) have the same rights as journalists?

8.  If someone writes their opinion online can he/she be sued for libel? On what grounds?

9. Is the internet different than print media as far as libel is concerned?

10. Is publishing your opinion online protected under the first amendment ?


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