Eucharia’s Reflection


The lesson about libel itself really uncovered an issue I wasn’t aware of before by itself but by doing research it increased that knowledge further.The issue of libel is something that most of the world is ignorant to. By looking at several articles about topic it expanded my perception because each one told the exact same story in a different way,some lacked particular detailed and had better detailing and descriptions.When the Supreme Court decided to give bloggers the same rights as the news media it was only fair and appealed to their First Amendment rights anyhow to write what they want without the government attempting to censor it.This issue can affect my own personal life if I was in a situation where my name was put into an article in maybe a college newspaper slandering my character and if I wasn’t aware of the 3 prongs of libel I wouldn’t know that I could sue because of this.I think that this should be something taught in schools because its very important information.This project was very beneficial by showing me the ends and outs of journalism and giving me a chance to show what I’ve learned.


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