Amanda’s reflection


This assignment helped me see how protected I am by the first amendment. The Cox ruling means a great deal to me because I want to become a journalist one day and one of the first steps is to become a blogger. If I write my opinion on anything then I know my writes are protected even though I am not considered a journalist just yet. I believe that the different parts of libel are important because they filter out a lot of the innocent people. Just because they write their opinion rather than printing it on newspapers it does not mean it is any less protected. I agree that this ruling helps set the platform for future generations especially since we are moving towards the digital era.  Major corporations cannot single out one person just because they say some negative opinions about the company especially if its a company that affects a great amount of people.  I aspire to become an informative journalist so this helps bolster my confidence that what I report for the people will be protected.


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