Judge Rules in a Soured Love Affair Scandal


A defamation lawsuit was filed against Louise Silberling on $1.25 Million, for the allegations and accusations that were made and spread all over the internet and in dozens of websites including anonymous blogs and professional rating sites, in each sites the accusations made were heavily criticizing every aspect of Mr John B. Wender from his sexual proclivities, physical endowment, ex-wife, disabled child and even his professional ethics. John B. Wender stated that Louise Silberling was a women he had met online and got together with three times. However a judge from New York State Supreme Court dismissed Wender’s defamation lawsuit because 25 of the 31 statements in questions were expression of subject opinion and were not suit for defamation. Justice Anil C. of State Supreme Court wrote “A statement is defamatory if it is false and ‘tends to expose the plaintiff to public contempt, ridicule, aversion or disgrace.”



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