Jessica (Personal Reflection)


Studying these articles and getting different sources online from the same article of all I posted was very helpful because from each site I was able to obtain more knowledge and collect more detailed information on the cause(s) main topic of the story. I found it help me understand more of what expression clause is, the issue(s) and how the law has evolved and continues to evolve. I personally agree with the Supreme Court on the decision it’s made to entitle bloggers to the same protection rights as regular news media. I believe that opinionated matters shouldn’t affect people just like expressed in articles unless it is in a foul manner with malicious intents, I think that the protection rights are fair because there shouldn’t be any type of restriction of expression for anybody. I also found the subject in each article helpful for future awareness to be able to obtain information like this that doesn’t seem like it could be a big deal but it really can involve into one.


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