April’s Personal Reflection



My idea on the articles is that the main point deformation is a serious subject that one as a writer may not be aware of. As of January 17th, 2014 federal courts ruled that bloggers deserve the same rights and protection as journalists. Writers, bloggers and journalist are protected under the first amendment right of freedom of speech that says that people have the right to speak freely without government interference, as well as the freedom of press: that gives the press the right to publish news, information and opinions without government interference. This also means people have the right to publish their own newspapers, newsletters, magazines, etc. But there are regulations and restrictions that many may not be aware of that can effect us. You can be sued under libel and deformation if you publish anything that proves malicious intent, actual malice, or the knowingly publishing anything that is false in reckless regard, and the stakes are high in the court of law.

I personally think that these guidelines are fair because there should be some type of restrictions of expression or words although first amendment rights are in place, if someone is being malicious or threatening the lively hood or  reputation of an individual or establishment or group of people  there should be regulations to protect the possible destructions that these falsehoods or allegations can cause to others and society.


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