U.S. Court Approves Protection against Libel for Bloggers


This article found online accessed on 08/6/14 stated that on Friday January 24,2014 In a Federal Appelle court It was ordered that for the first time “Bogs” would get to enjoy the First Amendment protection from Libel suits as traditional news media does. This all came live to court after an issue that a blogger posted on her site accusing a former attorney and his firm Obsidian group finance group of misconduct in connection with his role as a trustee in a bankruptcy case.
However the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit viewed things differently and stated that the bloggers allegations were of “public interest” and to be sued the attorney would have to prove negligence the same as when news media is being sued.
Therefore the Federal Appelle Court stated that journalist and bloggers are the same with equal when it comes down to the First Amendment. In this particular case The Ninth Circuit confirmed and suited to toss out all Libel claims against the blogger despite all her allegations the court came to a decision that her claims and allegations were so absurd no one could take them seriously and it wouldn’t be the basis of a Lawsuit.


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