Eucharia’s Bio


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Hey all! My name is Eucharia and I have been at Cerritos College one year going on two in pursuit of an associates degree in Nursing.I plan to earn that degree from Cerritos College and later transfer to Cal State Fullerton to further study nursing.I would like to be a nurse to be able to one day travel to less fortunate counties that lack medical assistance and teach them medical techniques that could save their lives.My father is from Lagos,Nigeria so  I have heard first hand the lives that have been taken from small things like not knowing the Heimlich manuvuer to get things out people throats.That would be my first project and I would like to expand it nationwide one day.I feel that getting a degree is good but not forgetting where you came from makes that degree mean so much more.I like to write and go out with friends.I believe college is just a way to live an exciting life that I can afford and I look forward to it.


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