A bloggers first amendment rights and responsibilities


“Why haven’t we professionalized journalism…?” Why, indeed.. – Ellen Diamond

As of January 24th, 2014; it was recognized by the federal courts that the Cox defamation case which was unjustly lost in 2011, the courts ruled that bloggers and writers should have the same rights as a traditional journalist. Crystal Cox is known as the notorious blogger who created numerous domain names and wrote posts bashing and exposing company’s reputations, then offering to fix them at a price. The question at hand is wither the decision from the 9th circuit court of appeals means for the first amendment and what that means online and if it matters that Cox is a defendant.

Because of first amendment rights, americans are able to freely express themselves in any way they’d like, of course, the intent of the matter can be regulated by the government if it proves that it was done in malicious intent or Defamation.

In the example of cases in supreme court rulings of Gertz v. Robert WelchCourt ; Bartnicki v. Vopper; Cohen v. Cowles Media Co.; First National Bank of and Boston v. Bellotti etc., “We [USSC] have consistently rejected the proposition that the institutional press has any constitutional privilege beyond that of other speakers. (Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission)”.

The article goes on to say journalism hasn’t been professionalized in the same way that any other profession would be. As of now, anyone can claim to be a professional journalist without being held responsible or liable for their work. Guidelines to professionalism are not being upheld, therefore morals, values of work and guidelines are not being respected. The article goes on to suggest that one is not a professional unless an articulate rate of standard is set out and followed.



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